Black History

Celebration Overview

Celebrate and honor African American heritage during Black History Month in February. From performances to history lessons to tours, there are plenty of exciting events and activities planned throughout Prince George's County.

For a complete listing of department Black History Month events, please view the Celebration: Black History Month 2017 Brochure (PDF)

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Black History Month Opening Exhibit & Reception
How We Got Over: A History of Black Sacred Music Traditions

For the black community, sacred music has been a source and reflection of faith, strength, hope, and love during times of both joy and tribulation. This body of music is the subject of the 2017 Black History Month exhibit, which examines a variety of African American sacred music traditions (spirituals, hymns, gospel music) from their West African roots through the 21st century.

The exhibit also highlights the important contributions made by Prince Georgians in the realm of black sacred music as vocalists, instrumentalists, composers, and more.
How We Got Over: A History of Black Sacred Music Traditions poster