Brentwood Arts Exchange Exhibitions

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  1. (En)lighted
  2. Transient Identity: Figure & Form
  3. In a Fertile World

Melissa Burley, Sean Hennessey, Scott Pennington

May 12 - July 7, 2018
Reception: Saturday, May 12, 5-8 pm

An inaugural exhibition for the Brentwood Arts Exchange new gallery space, Lab Gallery, (En)lighted presents a poetic play of light, texture and color. The artists navigate the concepts of life, imagination and nostalgic connections by creating mixed media, and mechanical illuminated works.

Artist Melissa Burley questions the life span of objects in relation to that of our own: is it over once it is discarded, used? Does life and beauty continue to emanate once something serves its "purpose"? On another level, Sean Hennessey uses glass and light to compose imagery with a whimsical aestethic-transporting us through mythology, history and the sciences, while master woodworker Scott Pennington builds mechanical vessels that investigates human nostalgia through a framework of light, color and sound.

The works of the artists highlight the ultimate goal of the new gallery space: to be a place where creative individuals can experiment and create memorable experiences.