Brentwood Arts Exchange Exhibitions

Biomorphic Collage
Michelle Dickson_12_Closeup
UMD Exhibition Image web size _ Summer 2018
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  1. Biomorphic
  2. Michelle Dickson
  3. Transient Identity: Figure & Form
  4. In a Fertile World

April 2 - May 27
Reception: Saturday, April 7, 5 - 8 PM
Artists Talk: Saturday April 28, 2 - 4 PM

The exhibition, Biomorphic, featuring works by artist’s Tom Hill and Liza Linder, transports the viewer into surreal worlds through color, form, and surface. Both artists use organic forms that resemble elements in the natural world while having an otherworldly feel. In Linder’s mosaic work, she isolates a range of nature specimens and life forms, scaling them up and creating embellishment with tile and glass. In contrast to Linder’s isolated forms, Tom Hill generates complete scenarios in which such forms live and breathe. Using acrylic paint and glazing medium, Hill presents a dreamlike journey of fluid and shifting movement, arcane markings, and suggestive, ambiguous space.