Key Planning Terms to Know for This Project

Architectural Conservation Overlay Zone (ACOZ)

The ACOZ is intended to ensure that development and redevelopment efforts preserve and protect the architectural or design character of neighborhoods in accordance with an approved Architectural Conservation Plan. Conservation Districts may be designated in areas where the majority of properties have been developed and they exhibit distinct, unifying elements, characteristics, design or other physical features.

Architectural Conservation District

According to the Prince George's County Zoning Ordinance, "each Architectural Conservation District shall have properties with distinct, unifying elements or characteristics, design or other physical features which mark or identify the properties making up the district."

Architectural Pattern Book

An architectural pattern book for the project will consist of a visual, user-friendly, comprehensive guide to the pattern language of the neighborhoods of Mount Rainier. The pattern book will provide visual examples and written text to help property owners, architects, contractors and the public clearly understand the recommendations. It will consist of an introduction, pattern book overview, regional precedents urban design concepts, community patterns and character, architectural and site analysis, and architectural/landscape patterns for renovations, additions and infill projects.

The final product for this project should be a document that not only helps to maintain and perpetuate existing patterns and styles, but a set of guidelines which lead to improved building patterns that enhance the quality of life for the residents of all neighborhoods of the City of Mount Rainier.