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1989 Mount Rainier Historic District National Register Nomination

This publication documents the architectural and physical character and significance of 1,152 buildings within the Mount Rainier National Register Historic District.

Approved Sector Plan

2004 Approved Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment for the Prince George's County Gateway Arts District - The City of Mount Rainier is located in the Prince George's County Gateway Arts District. This district was established by the 2004 Prince George's County Gateway Arts District to build upon the unique characteristics of the four municipalities as arts communities while preserving the heart of the four small towns. The plan (as amended by subsequent council resolutions) provides the basis for lively commercial and mixed-use centers that retain and attract new artists and emphasizes the importance of preserving established single-family neighborhoods as anchors of the Arts District.

Approved Town Center Zone Development Plan

2010 Approved City of Mount Rainier Mixed-Use Town Center Zone Development Plan concentrated on guiding future pedestrian-friendly and vibrant mixed-use (re)development and infill in the city's center and along Rhode Island Avenue and 34th Street, and it is important to note that the plan engages the Mount Rainier community in a fashion not dissimilar from the envisioned ACP. It relies on a community-led MUTC Design Review Committee to review development applications and property improvements for consistency with the MUTC's vision for the city's center and development standards and guidelines.

Approved Historic Sites and Districts Plan

2010 Approved Historic Sites and Districts Plan for Prince George's County - The Historic Sites and Districts Plan for Prince George's County sets countywide preservation policy and provides citizens, nonprofit organizations, the private sector, and government agencies with guidance on historic preservation. It provides information about the county's historic resources, presents an overview of preservation tools and techniques, and serves as a blueprint to assist in implementing effective historic preservation policies and strategies. The plan also classifies and/or adds properties to the county's historic sites and resources inventory.

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