Review & Approval Turn-Around Times

This chart provides a summary of major steps and associated timeframes that could occur in the development process. The timeframes for current procedures are drawn from a recent (2009) analysis of actual review and approval turn-around times.
Activity Current Procedures Urban Centers and Corridor Nodes Development Code
Sectional Map Amendment (comprehensive rezoning) 18 months 18 months
Zoning Map Amendment (property rezoning) 14 months 8-10 months
Departures (Equivalent to Administrative Deviations in terms of applicable regulations) 4.1 to 6 months N/A (administrative deviations are addressed at time of permit site plan approval)
Preliminary Subdivision 4.4 months 4.4 months
Conceptual Site Plan 7.3 months N/A
Detailed Site Plan 3.2 months N/A
Permit Site Plan N/A 90 days (3 months)
Total Time (range includes ZMA on the low end and SMA on the upper end to address property rezoning) 33 to 38.9 months 15.4 to 25.4 months
Total Time if Rezoning is Not Required 19-20.9 months 7.4 months