2016 Speaker / Film Series

  1. November 2016

    Eileen Nivera will discuss the planning process, park and trail planning, recreation, health benefits, alternative transportation, and economic development as it relates to development of a new Prince George’s County Trails Master Plan.

  2. September 2016

    Zoning can have a dramatic impact on increasing the supply of affordable housing. This seminar looks at various zoning techniques, such as inclusionary zoning, accessory apartments, density bonuses, and parking requirements, that have been used in various jurisdictions, and explores their effectiveness.

  3. July 2016

    As communities and businesses around the United States face increasing risks and vulnerability to natural disasters and long-term environmental changes, there is an increasing demand for information, data, products, and services to address these challenges.

  4. May 2016

    Karl Moritz and Merrill St. Leger will describe the plan to transform a low-density predominantly warehouse and industrial district in Alexandria, Virginia, near an underutilized Metrorail station, into a sustainable, innovative mixed-use community with 6 new neighborhoods.

  5. March 2016

    This presentation will focus on the importance of our temperate forest ecosystem system, what we can learn from it, and some practical solutions to increasing food security, environmental rehabilitation and regional resilience.

  6. January 2016

    The presentation examines a new cooperative land readjustment strategy applied to suburban areas, which aims to transform the physical environment into more compact developments, financially empowered local residents, and decreased car usage.

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