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Our Departments

M-NCPPC Departments

Organizationally, M-NCPPC has seven departments. In Prince George's County, these are the Planning Department and the Department of Parks and Recreation; in Montgomery County, these are the Planning Department and the Department of Parks. The Human Resources and Management, Finance, and Legal Departments comprise Central Administrative Services (CAS), which provides corporate administrative governance and support to the agency as a whole.  CAS also includes the Office of Internal Audit, the Office of the Chief Information Officer, and the Merit System Board.

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Central Administrative Services 

CAS services include oversight of enterprise-wide administrative, human resources, corporate budgeting and governance; financial business services; legal counsel and representation; internal controls and compliance with rules and regulations; IT strategic planning and agency-wide systems; and risk management and workplace safety to protect and support the agency's employees, patrons and operations.

Department of Human Resources and Management

The Department of Human Resources and Management (DHRM), under the leadership of the Commission's Executive Director, provides quality corporate budgeting, corporate governance, and enterprise-wide administrative and human resources management systems/services. The Department is organized into four cross-functional Divisions: Office of the Executive Director, Corporate Budget, Corporate Policy and Management Operations, and Corporate Human Resources. The work program is supported by a team structure in order to enhance service quality and increase productivity. Core business services include recruitment and selection, risk and safety management, employee benefits, employee and labor relations, classification and compensation, budget, and corporate administration.

Department of Finance 

The Department of Finance provides fiscal management and oversight of all M-NCPPC financial activities. Services of the Department include financial reporting and policy development; processing of payroll, disbursements and purchasing transactions; investment management; debt issuance; and information systems management.

Office of the General Counsel (Legal Department)

The Office of the General Counsel (Legal Department) provides comprehensive legal services to the M-NCPPC, assisting in every facet of the agency's work program. The scope of its work ranges from land use planning and regulation, stewardship and policing of park property and recreation programs, to legislative liaison, contracting and procurement, risk management and employment. Legal Department attorneys represent the agency in litigation and administrative proceedings, provide advice and counsel to Commissioners and staff, and assist in implementing new legislative mandates.

Additional CAS Units

Provides objective assurance and advice on behalf of the agency by reviewing operations and controls and their related accounting, financial, computer, and operational policies; providing relevant analysis; recommending improvements; and promoting ethical behavior and compliance with policies and regulations.

Defines, socializes, implements, monitors, measures, and maintains Enterprise Information Technology (EIT) to maximize value to the M-NCPPC and counties through the application of innovative and collaborative solutions.
The Merit System Board is an impartial Board which provides recommendations and decisions regarding the Merit System of the Commission and is the highest level within the Commission for hearing appeals.

Montgomery County Department of Parks

The Department oversees the acquisition, development and management of a nationally recognized, award winning park system providing County residents with open space for recreational opportunities and natural resources stewardship.

Montgomery County Department of Planning

The Department strives to balance provision of opportunities for housing, public facilities, and commercial and economic development with protection of open space and the environment. Work efforts include master planning that creates blueprints for well-designed communities and development review services that promote Smart Growth practices and assure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Prince George's County Department of Park and Recreation

The Department offers terrific opportunities for residents and visitors. We have community centers and arts facilities, fitness trails and aquatics centers, peaceful open space and sports for all ages. There's something for everyone!

Prince George's County Department of Planning

The role of the Planning Department is best described in its mission statement: "to help preserve, protect and manage the County's resources by providing the highest quality planning services and growth management guidance and by facilitating effective intergovernmental and citizen involvement through education and technical assistance."

 Employees' Retirement System

The Employees' Retirement System (ERS), administered by the 11-member Board of Trustees, in accordance with the Trust Agreement between the Board and the Commission, is a contributory defined benefit pension system with four plans, qualified under the Internal Revenue Code Section 401(a). The administrative operations are the responsibility of the ERS Staff and Board-appointed Administrator, who reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Click here to learn more about our Employees' Retirement System .