Childcare & Elder Care Referral Service


You are eligible for this benefit if you are a full-time or part-time Merit employee, appointed official, Commissioner, ERS employee, or Credit Union employee.


  • Adoption Care Resources:
    • Adoption agencies
    • Adoption support groups
    • Legal services for adoption
    • State adoption specialists
  • Child Care Resources:
    • Back-up care
    • Day care providers
    • Nannies
    • Pre-school programs
2019 Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval
  • School-Age Resources:
    • Before and after school programs
    • Boarding schools
    • Private and public schools
    • Summer camps

How the Program Works

A counselor will help identify resources to fit the dependent's need. Whenever possible, you will be provided with names and telephone numbers of at least three available options, suitable for the dependent's age, in locations, and with hours of operation, as convenient as possible for your family. These referrals will usually be provided within three working days after receiving your initial call.