Visual Arts Activities

Arts on a Roll currently offers the following Visual Art activities. If you want to tailor an activity to your specific event or want an activity that’s off this list, please Email Arts on a Roll or call 301-446-3232. New activities are added as they become available. For fee information, please visit the Arts on a Roll Fees page.

3D Pen Designs

Imagine combining a hot glue gun with a pen. The results are an amazing 3D doodler that creates objects, sculptures, and models instantly. Explore this exciting new technology and experience this incredible art technology class! Recommended for 5th grade to Adult.


Embellish lapels, backpacks, and bags when you use our button machines to design and create buttons from a variety of materials. We even have special badges for young children, as well as medallions, magnets, or key chains. Great for all ages.

Relief Printing

Craft a beautiful greeting card of your own design through block printing, stenciling, and relief monoprinting techniques. Discover the art of printmaking with the use of carving instruments and ink rollers. Your designs are only limited by your imagination! All art supplies provided. All levels welcome. Course can be adapted for young children.

Clay Medallions

Transform a clay medallion into your own customized accessory. Participants will select from one of your blank medallion shapes and add their own personal touch. When complete, we apply a glossy finish that will make their creation shine! All levels welcome.

Metal Impressions

Create art with sheet metal including emboss drawing, stamping, denting, piercing, rub-transferring, folding, and hammering. Make a necklace or key chain! All levels welcome.

Painting (Canvas, Flower Pots, Mugs or Glassware)

There’s no reason to fear a blank canvas. If you’ve ever wanted to paint, here’s a class that offers the perfect introduction to the art and will have you ready to pick up your brush with confidence. This class introduces the foundational concepts of acrylic painting as you explore composition and variation, learn art terminology, and a bit of art history as well. All levels welcome.

Sharpie "Tie-Dye"

This engaging art lesson in the concepts of solubility, color mixing, and the movement of molecules uses Sharpies to create Tie Dye t-shirts or tote bags. Colors explode before your eyes in this fun, easy, and mess-free new tie-dye technique. All levels welcome.