Health & Wellness Action Plan


We are delighted to showcase the Department of Park and Recreation’s Health & Wellness Action Plan. The Plan implements the health and wellness objectives of Formula 2040: Functional Master Plan for Parks, Recreation and Open Space and demonstrates how the Department, in collaboration with community partners and stakeholders, intends to (1) reduce obesity in the County, (2) elevate the Department’s role as a health and wellness provider, and (3) increase resident participation in healthy lifestyle activities.

At its core, the Plan guides the work of the Department as it relates to improving overall health outcomes in Prince George’s County. Forty-one measureable outcomes were developed across a set of six thematic areas: (1) Signature Programs; (2) Standards, Guidelines, and Policies; (3) Partnerships, Sponsorships, and Grants; (4) Facilities; (5) Marketing; and (6) Staff Training.
At present, the Department has already made great strides towards completing many of these outcomes.

For more information, please contact Katrina Williams, Health and Wellness Officer, at or by phone at (301) 446-6800.