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Transfer Service Credit

Members of an actuarially funded retirement system of the State of Maryland, or any political subdivision of the State, may apply to transfer credited service to the ERS. 

Credited Service may be eligible to transfer if:
  • a break in employment has not been incurred;
  • a claim for the service is filed within one year of becoming a member of the ERS; and,
  • within one year after becoming a member of the ERS the member deposits total accumulated contributions from the previous system.
All service must be certified as transferable by the former System. Transfers from a contributory system require the transfer of all accumulated contributions. Transfers from a non-contributory system will result in an actuarial deficiency at the time of retirement.

There are specific requirements from certain Maryland State Pension Plans.

It is the member's responsibility to request a transfer of service, by completing the Form, Request to Transfer Prior Service Credit, and mailing directly to the ERS, Attn: Tonia Lanier, Member Relations Manager.

Due to the complexity of the transfer provisions, members should contact Tonia Lanier, Member Relations Manager, with all questions concerning transfers.