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Death Benefits

The ERS provides service-connected and non-service connected death benefits for participants who die in active service.

The Plan Document specifies the primary and contingent beneficiaries:
  • The primary beneficiary is an eligible spouse.
  • The contingent beneficiaries are eligible children (under the age of 18, under the age of 23, if a full-time student, or regardless of age, if permanently disabled).
A spouse may be excluded but eligible children cannot be excluded from benefits. If the participant does not leave a surviving spouse or eligible children, a lump sum benefit is paid to the participant's listed beneficiary (ies). 

To exclude a spouse participants must complete the Form, Spousal Exclusion.  

To update or change beneficiary designations, complete the Form, Revised Designation of Beneficiaries for Active Members.

Refer to the Fact Sheet, Designating a Beneficiary – Active Members for additional information.     

Death benefits vary by plan. To learn more, refer to the Plan Document or the Summary Plan Description.