Neighborhood Revitalization Section

The Neighborhood Revitalization Section provides planning assistance to municipalities, communities, partner agencies, and other stakeholders to implement the recommendations of Plan 2035 General Plan-Blueprint for Tomorrow, and area master and sector plans. This critical implementation work includes focused planning studies, urban design services, interagency coordination, stakeholder facilitation, technical planning assistance, grant assistance, and community and municipal capacity-building.


Thank you for joining a virtual Public Presentation for Aquasco-Woodville Cultural Resources Inventory. Visit our project webpage to see the presentation, Story map and more information.

Active Projects & Studies

Mount Rainier NCOZ

Completed Projects & Studies

Fairmont Heights High School Adaptive Reuse Study

Forestville Area Pedestrian Access Study

Henson Creek Village Area Study

Suitland Metro Station Pedestrian Access Study

Northern Gateway Wayfinding and Signage Study (English) | Spanish version

Neighborhood Revitalization Section
  1. During Covid-19,the Community Planning Division has created a cell number that is being answered by our Administrative Staff.  Please call 240-524-8413 or email staff directly.

  2. Frederick Stachura

    Supervisor, Neighborhood Revitalization
    Phone: Direct: 301-780-8306 | Teams Mobile: 240-573-2396

  3. Zachary Luckin

    Phone: Direct: 301-952-3571 | Teams Mobile: 240-573-2544

  4. Karen Mierow

    Planner Coordinator
    Phone: Direct: 301-952-3026 | Teams Mobile: 240-573-2546

  5. Daniel Sams

    Planner Coordinator
    Phone: Direct: 301-952-3166 | Teams Mobile: 240-573-2360

  6. Maha Tariq

    Senior Planner/ PALS Program Coordinator
    Phone: Direct: 301-952-5389 | Teams Mobile: 240-283-5910

  7. Chidy Umeozulu

    Planner Coordinator
    Phone: Direct: 301-952-4198 | Teams Mobile: 240-573-2333

  8. Sam White

    Senior Planner
    Phone: Direct: 301-952-4332 | Teams Mobile: 240-283-5583