Education & School Programs

Darnall’s Chance House Museum offers a variety of special, educational opportunities for both adult and child audiences. For more information or to schedule a program, please call 301-952-8010 or email

Tea Program

Tea & Tour Program 
Bring your club or group to Darnall’s Chance House Museum to learn about the 18th-century women who lived here. Follow your tour with a dainty repast of scones, fruit, and other delectable desserts. Visit the gift shop to peruse our selection of history-themed items. This program is for groups of 14-21 people. Reservations required.

Fee: $15/person

School Outreach Program

All Work and No Play: The Life of an 18th-Century Child
Darnall’s Chance House Museum will send costumed interpreters to your school to teach your 4th – 6th-grade students about the lives of children in the colonial era. This informative presentation composed of PowerPoint slides, an accompanying lecture, and interactive activities will both educate and amuse your students. This activity also can be done for summer camps. Available Tuesday through Thursday.

Fee: $2/student

Girl Scout Programs

Making Games Badge
Step back in time and experience life as a child in the 18th century. Learn how kids used their imaginations to create games and have fun. Participate in a scavenger hunt to find mystery items from the past. Make and take home a period toy that will entertain for hours. Fulfills requirements for the Brownie Journey Making Games Badge.

Fees: $7/Scout (8 scout minimum). One FREE chaperone, additional chaperones are charged $2/person.  

Playing the Past Badge
Explore 18th century Upper Marlborough as a thriving port town with ships navigating the Patuxent River and delivering goods to shops on Water Street. If you lived in this time, would you have been a butcher, a baker or candlestick maker? Pick a trade, dress the part, and see if others can guess the role you play in this colonial town. Scouts will make and take home a tin punch ornament. A short tour of the Museum included. Fulfills requirements for Junior Journey Playing in the Past Badge.

Fees: $7/Scout (8 scout minimum). One FREE chaperone, additional chaperones are charged $2/person.   

Etiquette Tea: Mad Hatter Tea Party
Don't lose your head over it! Learn the proper way to serve tea and socialize with a group. The Queen of Hearts is hosting a tea party at Darnall's Chance House Museum and you are invited. Learn the history behind afternoon tea and practice proper tea etiquette. Scouts will make their own teacup hats to wear at the party and take home. Fulfills requirements for the "Making Friends" Brownie Journey Badge.

Fee: $12/Scout (10 scout minimum), Leaders and adult chaperones $6/person.

Special Needs Program

What Did People Wear?: 18th Century Clothing and Hygiene 
Using their own senses (sight, touch, and smell) visitors learn how colonial Americans dressed and groomed themselves and what the similarities and differences are to their own 21st-century clothing choices and habits. This program was designed for people who have physical or mental disabilities. Groups cannot exceed 15 participants. Reservations required.

Fee: $2/person (free for teachers)