Fees and Charges

An excessive withdrawal fee of $4 will be charged for each withdrawal in excess of seven during a quarter. A check writing service fee of $4 will be assessed for each check that is written to other than account owner.

Services Fees
New Account Fee $1.00
New Account closing within 6 months of opening $10.00
Holiday Club withdrawals prior to the one-time annual distribution $25.00
Minimum daily balance below $200 and no activity for 1 year or more $5.00 / month
Stop Payment on Corporate Cehck $30.00
Letter of Credit $10.00
Research Account  $10.00 / hour (1/2 hr min. at $5.00)
Statement Copy $4.00 per page
Check Writing Services to other than the account owner $5.00 per check
Share Withdrawal - More than 7 withdrawls per quarter $4.00
Honor Pay $30.00
Return Checks $30.00
ACH Return $30.00
Copies of Share Draft Checks $0.75
S/D Stop Payment $30.00

Please contact a MNCPPC Federal Credit Union employee for further information on applicable fees and terms at the Credit Union office. Rates subject to change without notice.