Active Community & Development Plans

The Community Plans Application shows the plans that are currently active and applicable to any given property. It also links to the plan’s publication page, where you can view and download the community plan. If a plan does not appear on this map, it is no longer applicable. Click on the below tabs to see active Master Plans and Sector Plans by region.

Subregion Map Cropped
  1. Countywide
  2. Northern
  3. Central
  4. Southern

Learn more about other Countywide plans from other sections below:

Development Review Plans

The Development Review Division (DRD) is responsible for assisting customers to comply with the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations through a managed review process.

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Environmental Plans & Projects

The Environmental Planning Section is currently working on updates to the existing Woodland Conservation Ordinance to implement the recommendations of the Countywide Green Infrastructure Functional Master Plan, approved on June 14, 2005.

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Historic Preservation Plans

Historic Preservation staff provides support to the Historic Preservation Commission through the review of Historic Area Work Permits, preservation tax credits, the preparation of architectural surveys and historic district studies, and preservation outreach.

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Special Projects

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