Suitland Metro Station Pedestrian Access Study

Project Update

View the Suitland Metro Station and Silver Hill Transformative Neighborhood Initiation (TNI) Pedestrian Accessibility Study (Existing Conditions) Report. 

Project Description

As part of the Prince George’s Planning Department mission as well as its contribution to the TNI, the Planning Department hired, A. Morton Thomas and Associates Inc., to complete the Suitland Metro Station and Silver Hill TNI Pedestrian Accessibility Study. This study will assess the condition of pedestrian infrastructure within the TNI area and the area within walking distance of the Suitland Metro Station and Suitland Federal Center. It will focus on the implementation of Complete Streets' policies and recommendations to improve pedestrian mobility/connectivity and safety.  

The Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) is nearing the completion of the Green Complete Street along Swan Road. Swan Road is a major residential street, with minor street feeders connecting residential areas, that terminates at the Silver Hill Road intersection with the main entrance to the Suitland Federal Center. To complement the work by DPW&T, this study will focus on the minor side streets to ensure that the TNI area is pedestrian accessible and ties into a Complete Streets environment that provides safe access to and from William Beanes Elementary School and the Community Center.

Project Goals and Objectives

  • Identify pedestrian network gap, including pedestrian crosswalks at key intersections and safe pedestrian access to schools, transit, parks, and other key community destinations
  • Engage residents, property owners, and agency stakeholders in identifying areas in need of pedestrian infrastructure or improvement and determining priority
  • Develop realistic recommendations that focus on pedestrian mobility and safety, for short-term (1-5 year), mid-term (5-10 year), and long-term (10+ year) actions, and cost estimates with potential funding opportunities  

Project Boundary

Silver Hill TNI Map

Key Project Milestone and Timeline

  1. Existing Conditions Report: Following field survey and evaluation of pedestrian amenities and infrastructure, including a road safety audit of major roads within the TNI area, an existing conditions report was prepared.

  2. Community Meeting: On November 1, 2018, a community meeting was held at William Beanes Community Center to introduce the project, share the project team’s findings, share precedents for possible transportation improvements, and receive input and feedback regarding community desires, opportunities and potential recommendations.

  3. Agency Stakeholder Meeting: Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) and State Highway Administration (SHA) reviewed and signed off on recommendations in May 2019.

  4. Community Meeting: In early June 2019, a final meeting with the community was held to present findings and recommendations, answer questions and receive feedback.

  5. Final Report: By the end of October 2019, a final report will be completed including maps, illustrations, and pictures presenting findings, recommended actions, cost estimates and potential funding opportunities.