Cheverly National Register Nomination

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Objective: Nominate historically significant portions of the Town of Cheverly to the National Register of Historic Places to achieve recognition of its historic significance, enabling the use of Maryland state tax incentives for the preservation and rehabilitation of contributing properties.

The nomination, completed over the period 2018-2020, can be found here: Town of Cheverly National Register NominationThe nomination was accepted by the Maryland Historical Trust.

However, after reviewing the nomination in early 2020, the town requested that the finished (but not yet listed) Cheverly National Register Historic District nomination be revised or expanded to include additional land and resources. Specifically, the town proposed that additional survey and research be undertaken with the purpose of expanding the nomination to include properties located within Cheverly Sections 1 through 11, and the adjacent and nearby subdivisions of Cheverly Forest, West Cheverly, and Dickey’s Addition to Englewood. The proposed revision would include a survey of the subdivisions that were platted between 1927 and 1940 and that maps and aerial photographs indicate were substantially developed by approximately 1950, which the current nomination provides as the end of the district’s period of significance. The revised nomination will include contributing resources in these subdivisions (but not necessarily incorporate the entire subdivision, some of which include streets of dwellings from the 1970s and 1980s). It is also possible the period of significance could be extended to 1955 or even 1960. The extent of the expanded nomination will be based on a careful analysis of the additional land and resources surveyed. 

The Prince George’s County Planning Board approved funding an expansion of the nomination at its meeting of April 2, 2020. The staff memorandum can be found here. The consultant that drafted the original nomination is undertaking the work over the period 2020-2022. The nomination will either be amended or expanded, and then resubmitted to the Maryland Historical Trust. A tentative listing date of late 2022 is expected.

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