About The Program

The Planning Assistance to Municipalities and Communities (PAMC) program, administered through the Prince George’s County Planning Department, offers planning, design, technical, and in select cases, financial assistance for planning-related projects in response to specific requests from local municipalities and community organizations. Planning staff may be assigned to work on PAMC projects if the skill set for the requested project and capacity exists within the Planning Department. Financial assistance for consultant services may be requested for PAMC projects that meet the application guidelines. These funds are awarded based on the PAMC budget; the per-project maximum, and the available funds in each PAMC application cycle. The County Council sets the total amount of financial assistance available for the PAMC program each fiscal year through its annual budget process. Municipalities and communities in Prince George’s County that are interested in pursuing initiatives that assist with redevelopment, revitalization, or implementation of comprehensive plan recommendations are welcome to apply.

The Planning Assistance to Municipalities and Communities (PAMC) Application Process

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