Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS)

The Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS) is administered by the National Center for Smart Growth at the University of Maryland, College Park. It is a campus-wide initiative that harnesses the expertise of UMD faculty and the energy and ingenuity of UMD students to help Maryland communities become more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.  PALS is designed to provide innovative, low-cost assistance to the Planning Department, while creating real-world problem-solving experiences for University of Maryland graduate and undergraduate students.

The Prince George’s Planning department began its partnership with PALS in 2019; and completed seven projects that covered a range of issues including planning and development, environmental and social issues, and transit-oriented development.  We are now working to finalize more courses for the academic year 2020-2021; including agriculture and arts entrepreneurship, adaptive re-use, and historic landscapes.  Follow us to keep informed and engaged with this partnership.


The Spring 2021 Showcase presentations will include the following projects:  

  • Folk Art and Farming in Prince George’s County: Evaluate the linkages between folk art and farming and depict a list of opportunities that will benefit both, farmers and artists. Faculty: Jose-Luis Isurza, Point of Contact: Fatimah Hasan
  • Designing Prince George’s Plaza: Future urban design at Prince George’s Plaza Transit District. Faculty: Jana Vadergoot, Point of Contact: Christina Hartsfield
  • Food Access and Equity in Prince George’s County: Identify access to Healthy Food Priority Areas and identify areas of limited access, and food swamps in Prince George’s County. Faculty: Annette Spivy, Point of Contact: Fatimah Hasan