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On April 8-9, 2022, Prince George's County Planning Department, Better Block, and Creative Suitland hosted a community block party in the vast parking lot at 4719 Silver Hill Rd, Suitland, MD. Together with community volunteers, vendors, artists, performers, and other County agencies, we activated the parking lot to demonstrate how creative placemaking can transform underutilized spaces into fun places for fellowship and artistic expression.   

Special thanks to the partners and vendors that helped make the event a success! 

  • Prince George's County Park and Recreation 
  • Prince George's County Fire and EMS 
  • Dior Ashley Brown and the Filthy Animals
  • Soultarian
  • Smokenlo BBQ 
  • Luv Plates 
  • Funnel Cake King 
  • Remix Rage Smash Room (Propel Productions Center) 
  • Vintage Thrivals by Rich Rocket 
  • PGFD Recruiter 
  • 4DMV Kids 
  • Khadijah Jahmila Fine Art 
  • Delkis Collections 
  • Natural Feels Awareness 
  • Love9twenty 
  • Black Art Today 
  • JN Studio Art 
  • Shelly Hoops 
  • Beyond Dazzled 
  • Shea By Lee Monet 
  • Plum Soul Studio 
  • We Adorn Wood  

One of the six guiding principles of the County’s General Plan, Plan 2035, is to create “Choice Communities.” We can support our diverse and distinct communities through placemaking and collaborative engagements and create vibrant places for everyone to enjoy. 

The Planning Department commissioned the Better Block Foundation to help execute three pilot projects by partnering with local communities and exploring placemaking strategies in their neighborhoods.  The pilot projects are focused on three of the County’s designated centers – Suitland, Riverdale, and Largo.  These collaborative efforts will play a key role in cultivating iconic destinations for people to live, work, play, and invest in.

To learn more about Plan 2035, visit

To learn more about the Better Block Foundation, visit

Placemaking Suitland
Placemaking Suitland
Placemaking Suitland
Placemaking Suitland