Bladensburg Market Feasibility and Economic Analysis

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This study will analyze the market and identify economically feasible options study to assist decision-makers in revitalization efforts. Specifically, it will help to inform municipal leaders in deciding how or whether to pursue implementation of the Town Center recommendations in the approved sector plan. 

The study area is approximately 17 acres, along a commercial corridor with approximately 50,000 daily commuters. It includes a public library, and two fully developed and leased strip shopping centers, built circa 1950. Adjacent to the study area are: Bladensburg Elementary School, a multifamily residential development, several historic sites, a waterfront recreational area, a performing arts venue, and a community center. 

The 2009 Approved Port Towns Sector Plan identified key planning issues in the Bladensburg Town Center Character Area (page 45) including: “the lack of density and housing choices; the lack of visibility and accessibility of the key town attributes, including its historic resources and its waterfront; the poor pedestrian environment.” It identified strengths and opportunities as: “the potential for mixed-use development and increased density near the core of the town center; the potential to increase the visibility and accessibility of historic sites; the proximity of the town center area to the Bladensburg Marina on the Anacostia River (the waterfront recreational area) and the potential for improved linkages; the presence of numerous infill development opportunities, including large parcels under single ownership and significant publicly owned land.” The economic feasibility of such development at this location has never been studied.