Sand and Gravel Mining in Prince George's County: Past, Present, and Future

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Sand and Gravel Study_webpage_coverThe Community Planning Division of The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Prince George's County Planning Department, conducted the Sand and Gravel Mining in Prince George's County: Past, Present, and Future study in response to an inquiry by the Prince George's County Council on the status of the sand and gravel extraction industry and opportunities for adaptive reuse of closed sand and gravel mines. This report reflects information collected in literature searches, a geographic information system (GIS) survey of sand and gravel extraction sites, site visits to operating and closed sand and gravel mines, and interviews of state, County, and mining industry officials. This study describes sand and gravel mining in Prince George's County and its impacts, and makes recommendations for its future, including how closed sand and gravel mines may be reused.

This study addresses the following objectives:

  • Provides basic information on sand and gravel mining.
  • Identifies the approximate location of unmined sand and gravel deposits in Prince George’s County.
  • Describes the economic, social, environmental, and transportation impacts of sand and gravel mining operations in Prince George’s County.
  • Recommends potential new land uses, or adaptive reuses, that are appropriate for reclaimed sand and gravel mines.


To safeguard the future of the sand and gravel mining industry and to ensure its continued level of contribution to the County’s economy, efforts should be made to limit the preemption of mineable sand and gravel by delaying uses such as housing, commercial development, or woodland preservation that are generally in competition with resource extraction, at least until the resource has been extracted.