Alternative Development Technique (ADT)

Alternative Development Technique (ADT) is a procedure to allow alternative designs that equal or exceed the requirements in the Urban Light Industrial (U-L-I) Zone. This procedure allows a flexible performance-oriented approach that recognizes existing development character and physical limitations.

DSC_0108Pre-Application Conference: Optional

Pre-Application Neighborhood Meeting: Optional

Subdivision and Development Review Committee (SDRC): Alternative Development Technique requests may be referred to the SDRC, at the discretion of the Zoning Section Supervisor or at the request of the applicant.

Decision Maker: Alternative Development Technique requests are ruled upon by the Planning Director.

Fees: $100

Public Notice Requirement: None

Estimated Review Time: The Planning Director's decision shall be mailed to the applicant and any affected municipality within ten (10) calendar days of acceptance of the application, unless waived by the applicant or the municipality.


Fill out this application form and email the PDF along with required submission materials to

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