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Four men holding instruments

Vibe Collective

Friday, September 9, 8 pm

Tickets $15; Purchase tickets through Parks Direct!

Whether you’re kicked back with a cool beverage or heating it up on the dance floor, the classic and original arrangements of Afro-Cuban jazz by the Vibe Collective will inject some summer into your soul!

Two women and one man holding instruments

Round Robin Night: Jess Eliot Myhre, Sam McCormally, and Sarah Fridrich

Friday, October 14, 8 pm

Tickets $15; Purchase tickets through Parks Direct!

Jess Eliot Myhre is a New Orleans based, award-winning singer-songwriter who can rock a washboard, clarinet, guitar, or bass. 

Mount Rainier resident Sam McCormally is a composer, songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist and a composer of numerous films. McCormally is also the founding member of Ugly Purple Sweater, an indie rock band from Washington, D.C. 

Sarah Fridrich studied jazz piano at University of Maryland, College Park. She was a student of Washington area jazz piano masters Ron Elliston and Jon Ozment. She was recognized as a Finalist in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest for her original song “Anvil.” She has toured across the country with Ms. Fridrich’s MessyAnn Band.

Six men holding instruments outside


Friday, November 4, 8 pm

Tickets $15; Purchase tickets through Parks Direct!

Kundalika performs a unique cross-cultural musical conversation between Indian classical melody (inspired by traditional ragas) and other musical traditions such as bluegrass, jazz, and Manding. Kundalika pieces are heavily improvised, and each show reflects the vibe of the audience that is in the room. 

Featuring Deep Shenoy, Hindustani guitar; Uasuf Guye, djembe; Sachin Khandari, bass; Alex Martin, acoustic guitar; Graham Smith-White, banjo; Ananth Virakthi, Karnatak vocal. 

Three men playing outside

Abe Mamet Trio

Friday, December 9, 8pm

Tickets $15; Purchase tickets through Parks Direct!

Abe Mamet is a French horn player from Denver, Colorado, who has lived in Washington, D.C. since 2017. Mamet has worked with Frank Lacy in NYC and AFree symphony in D.C. With his small ensemble work, Mamet presents 21st-century American music informed by his positionality within the wide-ranging Jewish diaspora, as well as his family’s long roots in jazz on the East Coast.