Application Types

Alternative Compliance

An alternative landscape plan to fulfill requirements in accordance with the Landscape Manual.

Alternative Development Technique

A compatible development alternative that supports the purposes of the U-L-I zone.

Certified Nonconforming Use

A process to certify land uses and/or structures in existence that do not meet the current requirements of the Zoning Ordinance.

Chesapeake Bay Critical Area (CBCA) Conservation Plan

A site plan required prior to the issuance of any subdivision, grading or building permit within the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Overlay Zones.

Comprehensive Design Plan

A development plan that shows the general location, distribution, and size of proposed structures.

Conceptual Site Plan

A development plan that displays basic relationships among the proposed uses and illustrates approximate location of structures, parking areas, streets, site access, and other major physical features.

Conservation Sketch Plan

A plan used to inventory and prioritize site features for conservation for a tract of land. Site features may include but are not limited to scenic, historic, environmental, and agricultural characteristics.


A tool to obtain relief from the strict application of the Landscape Manual; sign regulations; or the design of parking and loading facilities and the number of parking and loading spaces required.

Detailed Site Plan

A development plan that shows the exact proposed location and design of all buildings, structures, streets, parking lots, open spaces, landscaping, grading and other physical features within a development site.

Final Plat

A final subdivision of a tract of land (in accordance with an approved preliminary plan), including all necessary engineering data to locate every street, lot, block and boundary line on the ground.

Preliminary Plan

A subdivision plan that displays the proposed division into lots, blocks, streets, alleys or other designated areas within a proposed subdivision.

Revision of Site Plan

A site plan to show any new or altered site features or structures and associated uses to ensure compatibility with a previous-approved Special Exception.

Special Exception

A tool to obtain relief from Zoning requirements that permit certain uses that would not otherwise be permitted in a particular zone.

Special Permit

A review process for certain uses that have greater impacts in various Zoning districts such as U-L-I and M-U-TC.

Specific Design Plan

A development plan that includes proposed exact locations of lots, buildings, streets, etc. for a site plan. Architectural plans, building elevations, and detailed landscaping plans are also included.

Vacation Petition

An area of a recorded plat of subdivision that may be vacated (abandoned) upon petition by the owner of the property.


A tool to obtain relief from the strict application of the Zoning Ordinance where conformance would result in unusual practical difficulties or undue hardship for the owner of the property.


A tool to obtain relief from strict compliance with the Subdivision Regulations where conformance would result in extraordinary hardship or practice difficulties.

Zoning Map Amendment

A change to a conventional zone by the District Council. The District Council must determine that there has either been a substantial change in the character of the neighborhood or that a mistake was made either in the original zoning or the most recent sectional map amendment.