Planning Research

The Research Section is responsible for demographic, housing, land use, and economic data collection and tabulation. The section performs data-driven analyses and policy-relevant research for Planning Department leadership and staff, county officials and agencies, businesses, and residents to formulate sensible plans and programs for maintaining or enhancing community vibrancy. Moreover, the Research Section updates population, housing, and employment forecasts in coordination with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and Maryland State Data Center. In addition, this section is the primary liaison to the U.S. Census Bureau in support of their programs related to the decennial census, the American Community Surveys, and other initiatives.

Annual Report on Growth

Visualizations: Demographic and Socioeconomic Data

Population Estimates

American Community Survey (ACS) Reports

Annual Population, Housing, and Economic (PHE) Surveys

Non-Residential Development Reports

Census 2020 Reports

Demographic Maps

Demographics in Brief

Cooperative Forecasts

  • Round 9.1 for Population, Households, and Employment (TBA)
  • Round 9.0 for Population, Households, and Employment (TBA) 

Residential Development Reports

  • Housing Development Trends, 2021 (TBA) 
  • Housing Development Trends, 2020 (TBA)