Enterprise Golf Course Renovation Updates

Exciting News for Enterprise Golf Course

Full Course Bermuda Grass Renovation & Laser Leveling Tees!

Effective May 27, the golf course will be closed until late July or early August, as we undergo an extensive course renovation to continue our commitment to improving playing conditions.

We have already completed various phases of construction including laser leveling of every tee box, that began in April. 

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Benefits of the Bermuda Grass Renovation

  • More sustainable and environmentally friendly golf turf
  • Less pesticide and fertilizer applications
  • Latest and greatest golfing turf in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Improved course conditions and playing surface during peak times
  • Fewer resources such as water, gas, and electricity are needed to maintain the course

Why Close Down?

Growing Bermuda Grass and ensuring proper soil adhesion is necessary during the hottest months to enable the grass to spread and grow quickly.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience. For any questions or concerns, please contact Enterprise Golf Course at 301-249-2040 or Maryland Relay 7-1-1 for customers who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech disability.

Why Do Tees Become Uneven?

Check out this excellent video that shows some of the reasons why we are doing this extensive and much-needed tee restoration!

  • Two-minute video from the United States Golf Association (USGA) shown on YouTube.

Renovation Updates & Progress

Update – 7/20/2022
Enterprise Golf Course is happy to announce that all our Bermuda Grass sprigging, sod efforts, and laser tee leveling have all been completed! This has been an enormous undertaking, and we can already see the fantastic results. The past couple of weeks have been challenging due to weather and storms, but today we are excited to announce our reopening dates!

In the coming days/weeks, Enterprise will open up our reservation windows for our members and guests to begin to book tee times again. Below is the tee time reservation schedule.

Reopening Schedule:

  • Friday, July 22nd: Reservations open for the Grand Reopening Celebration on August 12th. Limited capacity so please mark your calendars now.
  • Saturday, July 30th: Reservations open to fully paid Enterprise Golf Course Members for the first day of play on August 13th.
  • Saturday, August 6th: Reservations open to the public for the first day of play on August 13th.
  • Friday, August 12th: Grand Reopening Celebration! Limited capacity so please mark your calendars now. Call the golf shop at 301-249-2040 for more information.
  • Saturday, August 13th: Open to the public! Back to normal daily golf operations.

Update – 6/9/2022
Enterprise Golf Course has made significant progress over the past couple of weeks. We are happy to report that all fairways have been sprigged with Bermuda, and the majority of our tees have been laser-leveled. Next week continues our course renovation progress as we plan to Dry-Ject our greens. Shortly after we will be sodding around greens and approaches. Enterprise Golf Course is still on track to reopen in late July. Please stay tuned for more information regarding our Grand Re-Opening!

Update - 5/24/2022
Enterprise Golf Course will be closed to the public beginning Friday, May 27th until we reopen on our current predicted date of August 1, 2022. Enterprise Golf Course wants to thank all our members and guests for the overwhelming support for our upcoming tee and fairway renovation. We have already made significant progress, and we are excited to have elevated products and services for all our players and residents when we reopen.

Update - 5/18/2022
One of the key elements of healthy turf is oxygen. As turf managers, we need to aerate the greens from time to time to help maintain them and support the grass plant. This past Monday and Tuesday, Enterprise Golf Course aerified all of our greens. This process is typically done earlier in the golfing season. However, we did it this week as we wanted to give our players the best putting surface possible leading up to our renovation. During the renovation closure, we are excited to be adding another process to improve our greens called hydrojecting. Hydrojecting utilizes our irrigation water and shoots high-pressure streams of water deep into the greens sub-surface. Doing this breaks up sublayer soil and allows the turf to breathe better. We are always looking for minimal disruption to playing conditions with maximum benefit for the plant's health. This is a great example of that and highlights the benefit of advanced technology in the golf industry.

Update - 5/13/2022
This past Monday, we sprayed all our fairways to begin removing all current turf. We are doing this in preparation for the Bermuda Sprigging that will start in the coming weeks. In addition, this week we plan to continue our tee renovation by laser grading.