Cooperative Forecast - Round 9.0

The Cooperative Forecast for Prince George's County is produced in cooperation with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG). The Cooperative Forecast is the product of a joint effort by individual jurisdictions in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Region to produce forecasts that are based on a common set of assumptions for growth in the region. The forecast provides the data necessary for regional planning activities including the analysis of the effects of growth and the development of policy responses to regional issues. In addition, the forecasts are used to determine the demand for public facilities including schools, parks, medical facilities, roads, and retail goods and services.

The Round 9.0 Cooperative Forecast for Prince George’s County depicts the Planning Department's estimate of the timing and location of population, household, dwelling unit, and employment growth in the County through the year 2040. The 2010 Decennial Census figures for dwelling units, households, and population serve as the base for Round 9.0. Future growth is projected to occur in major developments like Konterra, Westphalia, University Town Center, and areas associated with the proposed Purple Line light rail and the Inter County Connector.

The Round 9.0 Cooperative Forecast was approved by the COG Board of Directors and supersedes all previous rounds.

Round 9.0 Cooperative Forecast Summary for Prince George's County

Source: M-NCPPC, Research Section, (Prepared 5/13/16)

Year Population Employment Dwelling Units Households
2010 863,420 333,942  328,182 304,042
2015 904,430 338,565  344,818 321,143 
2020 923,144 349,048  350,947 334,268 
938,023 366,326  357,706 343,865
2030 952,955 375,741  367,453 355,494 
2035 967,842 385,510  375,582 363,283 
2040 982,385 393,336  382,675 370,023 
2045 995,876  402,147 389,907  376,787