Cottage City Community Center Feasibility Study

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This project will explore the feasibility of constructing and operating a small community center on two lots adjacent to the town hall. The function of the community center would be to host community meetings and for limited indoor recreation. The purpose of the feasibility study is to:

  • Explore and document the current conditions of the selected site in relation to the proposed program, including environmental and development parameters; 
  • Determine and document the town’s programmatic needs and potential users of the proposed facility; 
  • Develop conceptual site plans, conceptual floor plans, and conceptual renderings that accommodate the programmatic needs and environmental and development parameters, and 
  • Provide cost estimates for construction and operation. 

The project will be developed using County data, contributions from town elected officials, town administrative staff, community residents, and property owners, field surveys, and analysis and interpretation by the consultant. The final product will take the form of a report.

Project team members tour the site area for the Cottage City Community Center Feasibility Study."