Park Rules

General Park Rules

  • Permit holder must be present at event as they will be the responsible party. Original permit must be present on site.
  • Group size cannot exceed capacity of building/shelter (set by Fire Marshal).
  • Not allowed under any circumstances:
    • Amusement rides
    • Ball crawls
    • Canopies
    • Carousels
    • Dunk tanks
    • Farm animals
    • Fish fryers
    • Moon bounces
    • Pony rides
    • Tents
    • Water slides
  • No bands of any kind are permitted. DJs and loud or amplified music is prohibited on all outside grounds or any area where the peace is disturbed (indoor bands allowed at Adelphi Mill only).
  • No generators.
  • No driving on grass.
  • Clients cannot charge admission fees, sell, or offer for sale any merchandise, article, or thing.
  • The use of park facilities for commercial enterprises or private profit is prohibited. Clients may not practice, carry on, conduct or solicit for any trade, occupation, business, or profession whatsoever.
  • Clients may not distribute any handbills or circulars, or post, place or erect any bills, notices, paper, advertising devices, etc., pertaining to their event.
  • Additional grills may be brought if they can be hand-carried to the facility (except at Watkins Number 10-14). Charcoal grills only. Propane is prohibited.
  • Ballfields, courts, and play equipment are open to the public and are not the exclusive use of the permit holder.
  • Groups must bag and take uneaten crabs and discarded parts from eaten crabs out of the park. It may not be left in trash containers.

Picnic Shelter Rules

  • Parks close at dusk; groups must disperse by 7 p.m.
  • No DJs
  • Trash must be placed in provided containers.
  • Park Rangers patrol Watkins Park on Saturdays and Sundays in season. Any group using a shelter without a permit can pay for the permit with a credit card at that time or must evacuate the space. Gates are unlocked at 10 a.m. to let vehicle access.

Recreation Building Rules

  • No pets or smoking inside buildings.
  • DJs allowed only inside building.
  • Trash must be placed in provided containers outside the building.

Garden Plot Rules

View the Garden Plot Rules and Regulations (PDF)