Marketing & Economic Development

The Central Avenue Corridor has unique physical, historic, and cultural characteristics and serves as a gateway to Prince George's County. Using qualitative and quantitative research tools, the Marketing and Economic Development Project will develop a snapshot of the corridor's assets and priorities and translate them into a marketing and economic development campaign.

Business along the Central Avenue Corridor provides essential services and contributes to the character and success of the area. Although the businesses are typically grouped or located within close proximity to each other, these businesses are neither organized nor designed in a manner that encourages the development of a shared identity, that maximizes resources, or that addresses common issues. The project will examine business recruitment techniques to diversify and increase economic opportunities conducive to transit-oriented development.


  • Examine business and development recruitment strategies to diversify and increase economic opportunities conducive to TOD.
  • Identify strategies to retain existing businesses, and determine which sectors are not represented along the corridor.
  • Develop a snapshot of the corridor's assets and priorities, and identify marketing and economic development strategies to help position the corridor as a unique destination that is attractive to investors.
  • Publish and maintain a website that includes a listing of opportunity sites, ongoing projects, and relevant property data along the corridor.
  • Develop partnerships with key property owners, government agencies, and WMATA to facilitate and promote opportunities for development along the corridor.


Fall 2010 through Fall 2012