Neighborhood Conservation

The recently approved Subregion 4 Master Plan defines a comprehensive set of neighborhood preservation strategies that will be refined through the Neighborhood Conservation Project by area residents and prioritized and programmed in conjunction with key county, state, and federal agencies. Examples of neighborhood issues that could be addressed include home foreclosures, home weatherization, sidewalk gaps, and inadequate street lighting.


  • Refine and prioritize the neighborhood preservation strategies specified in the Subregion 4 Master Plan, and identify potential projects for neighborhoods.
  • Determine potential funding sources for neighborhood preservation/redevelopment.
  • In conjunction with the Prince George's County Department of Housing and Community Development, prepare and submit to the Department of Housing and Urban Development the next Community Development Block Grant Home Investment Partnerships Program action plan project(s) and other program(s) that will support plan implementation.


September 2010 through September 2012