Purple Line Transit-Oriented Development Study


The primary goal of the Purple Line TOD Study is to prepare development strategy plans to maximize the transit-oriented development (TOD) potential at 5 Purple Line stations.
  • College Park-UMD
  • M Square (River Road)
  • Riverdale Road (Beacon Heights)
  • Riverdale Park
  • West Campus (University Hills)


The objectives of the Purple Line TOD Study are to:
  • Assist in defining light rail station locations, designs, and access improvements
  • Generate development concepts that promote lively, walkable, and attractive transit-oriented communities around the five station sites
  • Prepare transit-oriented community plans for each of the five selected station areas
  • Work closely with community residents and businesses
  • Inform and support the MTA as it begins the PE/FEIS phase of the Purple Line project
To capitalize on the Purple Line's potential to connect communities in Pricne George's County, the study will emphasize TOD-based, equitable economic development; enhanced pedestrian/bicycle access and safety; and revitalized neighborhoods.

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To learn more about the MTA Purple Line Projectby visiting the Purple Line Maryland site.


The study consists of four phases. The purpose of the first two phases is to prepare for and solicit community feedback on the opportunities and challenges of promoting transit-oriented development and neighborhood revitalization around each of the 5 stations. The 3rd phase will focus on envisioning what the stations could look and be like in 15-20 years. The final phase will refine the visions for each station and recommend implementation strategies.