Subregion 6 Master Plan & Sectional Map Amendment

The Approved Subregion 6 Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment is available on-line.

Project Description

This plan aims to address the issues affecting land use, transportation systems, housing and community character, environmental infrastructure, public facilities, and historic preservation. More specifically the plan analyzes the following:
  • Agricultural/rural district standards
  • Economic development
  • Efficient use of existing and proposed county infrastructure and investment
  • Land use intensity and compatibility
  • Preservation and protection of environmentally sensitive and scenic lands
  • Rural/scenic roadway standards
  • Strategies for the conservation of rural character and promotion of sustainable development

Project Boundary

The plan covers Subregion 6 which includes a large portion of southeastern Prince George's County, and is approximately 124 square miles.
Subregion 6 Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment