What are internal auditors looking for?
Internal auditors primarily look for compliance with Commission policies and sound internal controls. By following these policies we help protect the agency from unnecessary risks and help ensure sound business practices are consistent throughout all departments. However, not all internal controls can be codified in policy. If we find control weaknesses, we make recommendations to implement a control, even though it may not be specifically required by policy. For more information please call 301-446-3334.

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1. What is Internal Audit?
2. What are the roles of internal auditors?
3. Why does M-NCPPC have an internal audit function?
4. Where does the audit function fit in the organization?
5. What's the difference between external and internal auditors?
6. How are units selected for audit?
7. What are internal auditors looking for?
8. What if something isn't handled correctly?
9. Can a department request an audit?
10. How long does an audit take?
11. What if I don't have the time to deal with the auditors?
12. Who will receive my audit report?
13. Who audits the Audit Office?
14. If I call you with information about a possible irregularity, will my identity be kept a secret?