How does the insurance work?
• M-NCPPC is self-insured and pays for the first $250,000 of damage.  
• Losses greater than $250,000 are covered by commercial stop loss insurance.  
• FM Global is the insurance company.  
• Coverage is based on Replacement Cost Value (RCV)
• The cost to repair, replace or rebuild of like size, kind, and quality.
• Extra expenses related to loss of use and loss of revenue, code upgrades, demolition, and other construction costs.

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1. What steps have been taken since the fire in January?
2. What are the plans for rebuilding TRIR?
3. Do any ice rink scenarios include two sheets of ice?
4. Once the new TRIR is built, will historical user groups maintain their priority ranking when it comes to booking ice time?
5. How much funding is available for the reconstruction of the Tucker Road Ice Rink?
6. How much insurance money will there be to help with the replacement cost of a new building?
7. How does the insurance work?
8. Is there a maximum settlement amount?
9. Will insurance pay for expanding the facility?
10. How is replacement cost value determined?
11. When will the insurance settlement be known?
12. What impact does the insurance settlement have on replacing the rink?
13. As a user group/citizen, is there anything we/I can do to help secure funding for this project?
14. Can M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation provide a timeline of next steps?
15. How can the community have their voices heard throughout the process by M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation?