How are sector and master plans prepared?

The Planning Department works closely with community stakeholders to develop area master and sector plans. The process of developing a plan includes data gathering and analysis, inclusive and extensive public and stakeholder engagement, evaluating scenarios for future growth, identifying a vision for the future of an area, and articulating the necessary policies and strategies to implement that vision. Master and sector plans have a 20- to 25-year horizon. 

Once drafted, a preliminary, or staff draft, master or sector plan is released to the public for review and comment. Following a public hearing, a master or sector plan is adopted by the Prince George’s County Planning Board. The adopted plan is then presented to the Prince George’s County Council, sitting as the District Council. Once approved by the District Council, plan recommendations guide decisions concerning land use, housing and neighborhoods, the natural environment, transportation and mobility, community heritage, culture, and design, public facilities, economic prosperity, and healthy communities that affect the physical growth and development of the area so that consistent and appropriate action may be taken. Adopted and approved plans do not take the place of existing zoning, nor do plans require that rezoning requests be automatically granted or denied. They do, however, provide a basis for comprehensive rezoning consistent with the recommendations of the plan. In most instances, immediately following or concurrently with approval of a master or sector plan, the Planning Board initiates comprehensive rezoning, also called a sectional map amendment.

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