Why should I participate?

Residents should complete the census because it is safe, easy, and important.

  • Safe: Your personal information is confidential, including citizenship and other sensitive data, by law. Disclosure of personal data is subject to fine or imprisonment.
  • Important: Data from the census provides the basis for annually distributing more than $675 billion in federal funds which helps fund our roads, schools, hospitals, Medicaid, and many other programs.
  • Easy: You can complete the census online, by phone, or by mail. You can respond in 13 different languages via phone or online.

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1. What is the Census?
2. Why should I participate?
3. How can I complete the Census?
4. When will I receive an invitation?
5. How long will it take?
6. Can I complete the census for a family member?
7. What if I forgot to respond?
8. What questions will be asked?
9. Is there a citizenship question?
10. How secure is my information?
11. If I share a dwelling, how should I complete the Census?
12. What if I’m moving or share custody?