Could you explain the next steps again please?

The next steps include facilitating four community meetings to be scheduled on January 28th, February 18th, March 11th, April 8th, and May 13, 2021; a youth meeting and an interactive education session will also be scheduled. Stay tune to the Prince George’s County Cultural Arts Study Website for updates regarding these meetings and additional information. A cultural participation survey has been launched. Click here to view. (available through March 19th, 2021).

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1. Will this slide presentation be available post session? If so, where?
2. Is the focus economic development or arts and culture development?
3. Could you explain the next steps again please?
4. Are there any virtual opportunities for teens during the pandemic? Can Teen Art Summit be virtual?
5. Next time, can the meeting be later in the day or in the evening, please? I'm an artist and this is too early for me.
6. Where do I sign up to host a community arts conversation/Community Circle?
7. How does an artist new to the area connect with network of artist/performing artist in the Prince George’s County community?
8. What are the best ways to connect different cultures/diversity in an event?
9. How can arts include & empower economically marginalized?
10. Are specific efforts being made within the cultural planning to amplify the voices of (1) the indigenous Piscataway community and (2) the diverse immigrant communities in the County?
11. Are you partnering with affordable housing/Prince George’s County services to low-income support artists?
12. Is it possible to bridge efforts with Washington DC considering the convertible energy that are shared between the two jurisdictions?
13. Many artists in Washington D.C. have been priced out and are now in Prince George’s County, how can we encourage more artists to work in Prince George’s County with more venues/events/projects?