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Show Place Arena Rental Application

  1. (as it would appear on any promotional materials)
  2. In this space, please detail what you envision happening at your event, e.g., live music, speakers at a podium, need for staging, vendors with merchandise/information tables, etc.
  3. Event Type*
  4. Explain your event type.
  5. Venue Rental Information
    Please check any spaces requested in addition to the Arena and Lobby.
  6. Winners Circle Lounge

    (60 Max Capacity) - Circular

  7. Tack Room

    (125 Max Capacity) - Rectangular

  8. Paddock Room

    (100 Max Capacity) - Triangular

  9. Suites
    (overlooking the Arena)
  10. Other Options
  11. Attendance/Participant/Entertainment Information
    Please Note: An Entertainment Assessment must be in addition to this application.
  12. (This includes vendors, performers, speakers, volunteers, etc.)
  13. Event Schedule
  14. Are date(s) flexible?
  15. Events Times
    Please fill in times below.
  16. Set-Up/Tear Down
    Note: if these are additional dates to the event date, charges will apply.
  17. Event Specifics
  18. Is your event open to the public?
  19. Will your event be ticketed, have an admission charge or registration fee?
  20. Ticket Policy
    Ticketmaster is the exclusive provider of computerized ticketing services for all Attractions at the facilities unless agreed upon in writing by The Show Place Arena, TicketMaster, and facility rental applicant. All ticket sales made available to the general public for any concert event, entertainment feature, musical or theatrical production, dance show, display, convention, or other events to be held at the facility to which tickets will be sold, must be sold using TicketMaster. TicketMaster will not enter into any agreement with an individual promoter or sponsor of an Attraction for the sale or distribution of tickets.
  21. Do you want concession stands open?
    *Must have a minimum of 500 guests.
  22. Food & Beverage Policy
    The Show Place Arena and Prince George's Equestrian Center retain all rights for service and sale of food and beverage, including alcohol. No other sale or service of any food or beverage items will be permitted without permission.
  23. Do you need catering?
  24. Do you want the sale or service of Alcohol?
    All alcoholic beverages must be sold and served by The Show Place Arena Staff.
  25. Will you have vendors for merchandise?
  26. Event Requirements or Equipment Needs
  27. My event will require the following equipment or services:
    (Check all that apply)
  28. Application Fee
    You will be notified if your desired date is available. A $500 non-refundable application fee is due within 5 business days from the time of notification. This fee will be applied to the balance due and will be noted on the final invoice. Submission of this application does not constitute a binding contract.
  29. Electronic Signature Agreement
    I understand and will comply with the rules and regulations of The Show Place Arena & Prince George's Equestrian Center. I take full responsibility for all damages and injuries.
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