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Planning Department

  1. Bowie-Mitchellville and Vicinity Master Plan: Office Hours Exit Survey
  2. Environmental Planning Questions and Concerns Contact Form

    Directs questions and concerns from the Environmental Planning section of the website to the shared Environmental Planning Section... More…

  3. Map & Data Analysis Request Form
  4. Prince George's Planning Department Feedback Form

    Thank you for visiting the Prince George's County Planning Department's website. Please take a moment to give us some feedback.

  5. Subregion 4 TOD Implementation Project Subscribe to Stakeholders' List
  6. Transit-Oriented Development Contact Form
  1. Comment Form

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  2. External Submission on Map & Data Analysis Request Form
  3. Planning Assistance for Your Community! Contact Form
  4. Prince George's Plaza Transit District Development Plan (TDDP) Subscriber List
  5. Survey on Water Use & Resources
  6. West Hyattsville-Queens Chapel Sector Plan Virtual Townhall Comments Form