• Brick Building with trees and a barrier around it
  • A gazebo in a landscaped park
  • Greenhouse by side walk and trees
  • Parking lot in front of office building
  • Melwood sing surrounded by landscaping
  • Water Tower with blue skies behind it
  • Parking lot in front of commercial buildings
  • Metal Building with SUV parked in front
  • 2-story house with yard and a flag
  • Metal building with parking lot and construction barrels in front
  • Small house with a gravel driveway
  • Large house surrounded by fence
  • Country road lined with white fence
  • Parking ot in front of two buildings
  • White building with a parking lot
  • Apartment building with cars parked in front of it
  • Apartment building from road
  • Bank building and parking lot
  • Apartment building with road in front of it and a parking lot
  • Road running in front of house
  • Building with a sign on the side that says Nextel
  • Hotel with large sign that says Now Open
  • Building with cars parked out front
  • Church behind a strip mall
  • Old building with a sign that says Mockabee Ice
  • Liquor Store with parking lot and roadway

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