Debt Summary & Continuing Disclosure

Debt Summary

Debt Affordability

The Commission follows the process of bond issuance as stated in the Commission’s Debt Management Policy.

County Debt Limits

Montgomery County Council provides spending affordability limits for the Commission’s Montgomery County Park and ALA Bonds. The Prince George’s County Spending Affordability Committee recommends spending levels inclusive of debt service on the Commission’s Prince George’s County Park and ALA Bonds to the Prince George’s County Executive and County Council.


The Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission’s General Obligation Bonds are rated AAA by Standard and Poor’s, AAA by Fitch and AAA by Moody’s Investors Service. These highest-level ratings reflect the Commission’s growth and diversity, its substantial tax base, strong financial position, and strong financial management. 

According to Standard and Poor’s, a deep, diverse, and growing economy; strong financial management; and a low debt burden are the hallmarks of counties rated ‘AAA.’ The rating category, by definition, represents extremely strong capacity to pay principal and interest. Typically, ‘AAA’ rated counties have demonstrated an ability to weather all economic cycles by maintaining tight budgetary controls, articulating and executing well-thought-out capital plans, maintaining sufficient reserves, and planning for future contingencies. 

Continuing Disclosure

The Secretary-Treasurer and Finance staff will comply with the continuing disclosure commitments by the Commission in connection with Rule 15(c) 2-12 under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 by filing an annual report with the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board’s EMMA system as the nationally recognized municipal securities information repository disclosing certain financial information. MRSB/EMMA (Continuing Disclosure)