Merit System Board


The Merit System Board makes recommendations and decisions regarding M-NCPPC’s Merit System.

The Merit System Board’s mission is to oversee the Commission’s Merit System, uphold employee rights guaranteed under the Merit System, recommend employment and compensation policies to the Commission, and serve as the final administrative appellate body for employment matters pertaining to non‐represented Merit System career employees.

Board Members

The Merit System Board is authorized by M-NCPPC’s enabling legislation. It is an impartial Board composed of 3 Members who are appointed to a 4 year term each: Chair, Vice Chair, and Board Member. They are responsible for making recommendations and decisions regarding the Commission’s Merit System.

Board Members are experienced in personnel and employment issues, and committed to fair and impartial research, due diligence and decisions on M-NCPPC policy and systems that adhere to best practices in employment. The current Board Members are:

  • Tanya Upthegrove-Coleman, Chair
  • Michael Strand, Vice Chair
  • Carolyn Scriber, Member


Chapter 100: General Provisions
Chapter 200: Merit System Board
Chapter 300: Equal Employment Opportunity (as last amended 5/18/11)
Chapter 400: Creation and Abolishment of Positions
Chapter 500: Merit System Employees: Probationary and Career Status
Chapter 600: Application for Employment and Medical Examinations
Chapter 700: Selection Procedures
Chapter 800: Work Weeks; Work Schedules; Attendance
Chapter 900: Classification
Chapter 1000: Performance Management (as last amended 6/17/20)
Chapter 1100: Promotions, Reassignments, Temporary Assignments, and Changes to Lower Grade
Chapter 1200: Employee Compensation (as last amended 7/16/14)
Chapter 1300: Awards, Recognition, and Incentives
Chapter 1400: Employee Leave: Personal, Annual, Sick and Compensatory Leave (as last amended 9/26/18)
Chapter 1500: Commission Leave: Work-Related Disability Leave, Administrative Leave, and Holiday Leave
Chapter 1600: Leave Status Programs: Leave-Without-Pay, Parental Leave, Family and Medical Leave, Absence-Without-Leave and Leave under the Maryland Organ Donation Leave Act (as last amended 6/17/20)
Chapter 1700: Employee Personnel Files
Chapter 1800: Political Activities
Chapter 1900: Workplace Conduct and Discipline
Chapter 2000: Disputes (as last amended 6/21/17)
Chapter 2100: Appeals and Hearings (as last amended 5/18/11)
Chapter 2200: Reduction-In-Force (as last amended 5/18/11)
Chapter 2300: Termination of Employment
Glossary of Terms