Department of Human Resources and Management (DHRM)


The Department of Human Resources and Management (DHRM) delivers executive and operational leadership through corporate governance for the agency. This includes:

  • Corporate budgeting and prudent fiscal planning
  • Human resources administration and programs that ensure equal employment opportunities and fair practices
  • Organizational standards, promoting public accountability, organizational effectiveness, and a preferred workplace

The Executive Director oversees the work of the department and carries out specific executive functions for the agency. Under the leadership of the Executive Director, the Department of Human Resources and Management includes 3 divisions:

  • Corporate Human Resources
  • Corporate Policy and Management Operations
  • Corporate Budget Office

Corporate Human Resources

Corporate Human Resources Overview

Corporate Human Resources is responsible for the management of agency-wide human resources programs. The Division ensures fair and equitable treatment of all employees and administers a personnel system to create and maintain a diverse, qualified, healthy, and motivated workforce.


The Division develops and administers programs that promote:

  • Affordable, responsive, and attractive benefits and health programs
  • Effective service delivery
  • Employee recognition and compensation that reflect performance
  • Fair employment and equal opportunity


The Division is led by the Human Resources Director. The Human Resources Director provides expert guidance and advice on human resources matters for the agency. The Human Resources Director also provides oversight of all programs and activities relating to employment and working conditions. Services include training coordination, employment for disabled persons, personnel management reviews along with programs carried out by the following cross-functional teams:

  • Employee Health and Benefits
  • Classifications and Compensation
  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Employee Records/HRIS
  • Recruitment and Selection Services
  • Agency-Wide Training

Employee Health and Benefits

Classification and Compensation

The Classification and Compensation Team is responsible for the development, implementation, administration, and maintenance of equitable classification and pay plans for all Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) employees.


  • Administers the agency’s compensation plans
  • Administers a classification system that analyzes and evaluates positions based upon duties, responsibilities, and minimum qualifications. This includes analysis of individual request for reclassification and administration of the Reclassification Certification Program
  • Conducts and participates in salary surveys to determine the M-NCPPC’s position relative to the market for classified positions
  • Creates and maintains classification specifications
  • Develops and publishes the Personnel Management Review annually
  • Maintains all salary schedules
  • Maintains forms and documents pertaining to classification and compensation
  • Manages the Apprenticeship Program
  • Manages the Internship Program
  • Reviews and assists departments in reorganizations
  • Updates and maintains the agency’s position management system

Employee and Labor Relations Office

The M-NCPPC Employee and Labor Relations Office offers resources to strengthen management-employee relations and resolution of employment concerns and grievances.

Efforts include:

  • Counseling supervisors and employees on work-related matters
  • Employee/supervisory training on employment matters
  • Providing assistance with questions and concerns

Lisa Fusco


Sumita Ganguly

Principal Employee & Labor Relations Specialist

Recruitment & Selection Services

Recruitment and Selection Services supports the M-NCPPC’s efforts to attract and maintain a diverse, skilled, and effective workforce. Staff provides lifecycle recruitment activities to the agency from advertising, testing, application processing, selection, and employment/promotion offers. This team manages an outsourced online applicant tracking system. Related tasks involve administration of background/ reference checks, language proficiency testing, and Park Police entry, lateral, and advancement testing.

Corporate Policy and Management Operations

Corporate Policy and Management Operations Overview

The Corporate Policy and Management Operations Division is responsible for managing the system of agency-wide policies, implementing programs which safeguard employees, patrons and the agency assets; and administering corporate programs which support the mission of the agency and best practices.

Division Functions

  • Communicates agency-wide guidance
  • Conducts management studies, research and analysis to promote public accountability, transparency, and workplace efficiency
  • Develops and administers workplace safety and risk management programs
  • Recommends and develops programs and standards for best practices, and preferred workplace initiatives

The Division houses 6 cross-functional teams:

  • Corporate Policy
  • Corporate Records and Archives
  • Management Operations and Internal Services
  • Risk Management and Workplace Safety
  • Supplier Diversity & Inclusion
  • Facility Management

Corporate Policy

The Corporate Policy Office conducts research and analysis of organizational needs, regulatory mandates, and best practices for greater efficiency, cost containment, and effective programs. The Office develops recommendations for agency-wide policies in areas such as organizational functions, employment regulations, workplace standards, and internal controls. Policies are developed through a collaborative review with input from departments, the Merit System Board, union representatives, and other stakeholders.

Corporate Records & Archives

The Corporate Records function includes the M-NCPPC Archives Office and records of corporate meetings of the agency. The Archives Office maintains the historical and corporate records of the agency, in compliance with State laws.

Questions regarding the Archives Program may be referred to:

Kevin Davey


Requests to inspect or receive copies of a public record of the M-NCPPC should be directed to:

Michael Beckham


Management Operations & Internal Services

Management Operations and Internal Services is responsible for departmental budget administration, Commission-wide programs, and training initiatives. The unit is also responsible for management of the M-NCPPC Executive Office Building at:


Management Operations and Internal Services

6611 Kenilworth Avenue
East Riverdale, MD 20737

Risk Management & Workplace Safety

The Risk Management and Workplace Safety Office develops and implements programs that
protect employees and patrons, protect and secure the agency’s assets, and mitigate losses.
The Office achieves these goals through programs and initiatives such as:

  • Conducting training on workplace safety, regulatory compliance, and accident prevention
  • Developing and administering safety and loss control programs
  • Ensuring compliance with Federal/State safety regulations such as those issued by Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH), Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Department of Transportation (DOT), etc.
  • Managing the workers’ compensation program, and the liability program (including, but not limited to, insurance portfolios and property/auto/general liability issues) for the Policy and Management Operations Division, within the Department of Human Resources and Management
  • Performing risk analysis, inspections, and accident investigations
  • Providing expertise and advice for enhanced safety and risk mitigation
  • Reviewing contracts for required insurance coverage and reduction of liability

Additional Agency Resources

  • For emergencies involving fatalities, serious accidents, fire, major damage to M-NCPPC property, and other life threatening situations – Call 911 (When calling 911 regarding a M-NCPPC incident, ask dispatcher to transfer call to M-NCPPC Park Police)
  • Montgomery County Park Police for the Montgomery County region: (301) 949-3010
  • Prince George’s County Park Police for the Prince George’s County region: (301) 459-3232
Corporate Budget Office

Corporate Budget Office Overview

The Corporate Budget Division provides agency-wide budgetary planning, analysis and reporting. The Division oversees the Commission’s budget preparation process, and provides strategic information, central budget coordination, and fiscal planning for the agency.