Office of the Executive Director


The M-NCPPC’s Executive Director provides executive leadership and administrative direction for the operation of the bi-county agency, and serves as the Director for the Department of Human Resources and Management.


The Executive Director:

  • Conducts contract execution and procurement waiver reviews
  • Develops and implements organizational policies that promote public accountability, efficiency and prudent decisions
  • Ensures compliance with federal, state and local mandates
  • Implements fair workplace practices committed to equal employment opportunity and diversity
  • Monitors effectiveness of the Minority, Female, and Disabled (MFD) procurement program
  • Negotiates collective bargaining agreements
  • Provides oversight of agency-wide initiatives
  • Reviews employment concerns and handles adjudication of grievance appeals

The Executive Director is the agency’s official custodian of the public records of M-NCPPC.
Inquiries to inspect or receive copies of a public record of the M-NCPPC should be directed
to Asuntha Chiang-Smith(Executive Director), Official Custodian of Records