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How are purchasing decisions made?

November 3, 2023

For purchases made through competitive sealed bidding, the award is recommended to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, after adjustment for any prompt payment discount. “Responsive” means that the bid conforms in all material respects to the requirements contained in the solicitation. These requirements include specifications about the goods or services to be provided, the delivery or performance schedule, and any other material aspects of the solicitation. Compliance with the Commission’s Anti-Discrimination Program is also a material requirement of all solicitations. “Responsible” means the bidder is capable to fully perform the contract requirements and has demonstrated integrity and reliability that assure good faith performance. References from past work may be contacted to determine responsibility. A bid from a debarred or suspended contractor will be rejected as not responsible.

For purchases made by competitive sealed proposal, the award goes to the offeror whose proposal is most advantageous to the Commission. This means that non-price factors, such as qualifications, experience and personnel resources may be considered. An Evaluation Committee in its review of the proposals uses the evaluation criteria and evaluation weights listed in the RFP. In order to evaluate these non-price factors, the Evaluation Committee may choose to hold such discussions with some or all of the offerors. Before selecting a proposer for contract award, the Evaluation Committee may take into consideration the interviews with the proposers. In some cases, the Commission will first review statements of qualifications from professional services firms to develop a “short list” of firms that will be asked to submit proposals. For more information please call (301) 454-1609.